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Only the first two boxes of this material have been arranged in file number order; the remainder is unprocessed. Includes indexes to Court of Quarter Session criminal cases.

County Government Records

Applications are numbered continuing from loose marriage returns included in series Marriage Records, Labeled "Miscellaneous Corporations"; include incorporations, oaths of identity, powers of attorney, draft exceptions, sheriff bonds. Volume mislabeled as index to Religious Incorporations; however, indexes corporate filings of some kind for January-April Volume 10 was missing at the time of accession. Another copy of this schedule is available on film with federal the census reels.

Another copy of this schedule is available on film with the federal census reels. Includes copies of diplomas and certificates of physicians and midwives.

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Includes original volumes 21 and 46 These are non-permanent records and were accessioned as a sample. Includes mostly indentures and chattel mortgages.

Each volume includes an index. Our office has over fifty years of experience in the service and support of the recording needs of Franklin County. Please remember, however, that we are recorders and not lawyers.

We cannot give legal advice. The Recorder of Deeds office only records documents. It is recommended that you consult an attorney or title company to assist you in creating any documents that need to be recorded. For information about how to become a monthly subscriber, please review the following Laredo Agreement.