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If the Certificate of Title to your vehicle is being held by a lien holder, the Motor Vehicle Department will provide you with a foreign title transfer form. This will allow the Certificate of Title to be transferred to a Montana Title and then returned to your lien holder. Procedures now require your vehicle registration file to include your drivers license number or, in the case of a Corporation, your federal identification number.

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For this reason, your drivers license will be requested when registering your vehicle. Out of state drivers license will require proof of residency. Documents allowed for proof of residency can be found at www. License plates are issued to the registrants. The plates are not transferable between individuals, such as on a sale of the vehicle to another person, but the registrants may transfer their plates to their replacement vehicle. Such transfer of plates between vehicles owned by the same person must be done through the Motor Vehicle Department.

Motorized vehicles require two plates at all times, except motorcycles, which require only a rear plate. The transfer of plate fees can occur only one time.

The Montana Plate Tax Loophole

Subsequent transfers must pay the fees even when the plate is current. A renewal decal or tab , that will make your license plate current, will be issued each year after the fees are paid.

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If you keep your address updated, a courtesy renewal notice will be mailed directly to you from the State of Montana. Nevertheless, if none is received, each driver is still responsible for timely registration renewal. If your registration receipt has an expiration date, you have until the last day of the following month to renew your registration.

If you have moved, and not submitted a change of address with the County Motor Vehicle Department your renewal done on the web may be sent to an incorrect address. If you would like to have personalized license plates, they are available to you for an additional fee. Unique options are possible using your choice of up to seven numbers and letters, providing the combination is not offensive or in bad taste and has not already been issued to someone else. Specially designed plates for veterans, colleges, military units and others are also available a their own initial and annual rates. Old time vehicles and rods may be distinguished with their own plate issue also.

New vehicle purchasers may obtain a 40 day sticker from the Department of Motor Vehicle.

You must present a notarized bill of sale or other issued proof of ownership at the time you apply for a sticker. If you have lost a plate or decal, get a new issue from the Department of Motor Vehicle. Reporting the loss to the police may also be appropriate. Registration costs are based on state established fee schedules. In addition to your registration fee.

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Lewis and Clark county imposes a county option tax. This tax is based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price, depreciated according to the schedule established by law. At this time, the Department of Motor Vehicle is prohibited from giving quotes on the cost of renewing or titling your vehicle over the phone.

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You must either mail or fax a request in. Mailed requests must include a self addressed, stamped envelope. To do so, you must provide a certificate of title, odometer disclosure, smog certification if applicable and bill of sale if needed. Then, you must pay any applicable DMV service fees. To prepare for this procedure and save time, download our informative online guide.

Our guide contains everything you need to know about standard and custom license plates. In it, you will also learn about requesting, renewing and replacing a car registration. In most states, you cannot apply for a license plate by mail. However, many states allow you to replace or surrender a license plate by sending the required materials through the mail.

When replacing a plate, you will be required to send a completed application form containing personal details and vehicle specifications to the appropriate DMV mailing address. If you wish to surrender an existing license plate after selling your vehicle, you may do so by mailing the plate to the correct DMV branch in your state. Due to mailing and processing times, be mindful that the mail-in method may subject you to certain delays.

You will most likely need to visit a DMV office in person to apply for a license plate in your state. During your visit, you will be asked to provide proof of identity, documents that verify your car ownership and a completed application form. In addition, you will be required to pay the applicable DMV fees, which vary depending on whether you apply for a standard or personalized license plate. When visiting a DMV, you may also replace or transfer an existing license plate, as long as those procedures are offered in your state.

To avoid mistakes or taking additional trips to the DMV, make sure that you are fully prepared for license plate transactions prior to filing your application. Motorists must apply for Montana car registration plates as part of the initial process of titling and registering a vehicle in the state.

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After obtaining the initial car tags, vehicle owners must renew license plate decals every 12 or 24 months, depending on which period they opted for. If you have recently purchased a new or used vehicle and would like to learn more about how to get license plate credentials, as well as what the process is for renewing existing ones, read the following sections. When vehicle owners apply for new registration plates in Montana, they can choose from a variety of options, including standard plates, alternate standard plates, military plates, organizational plates or personalized plates.

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Additional car registration plates include antique plates, veteran plates, sponsored plates, physical disability tags or amateur radio operator plates. However, most drivers wish to obtain a basic car tag, and thus generally settle for a standard license plate.

Car owners must renew license plate decals every 12 or 24 months to show that they paid all of the yearly vehicle registration taxes and fees.